"Layout tool" keeps appearing in my score!

In Score Editor / Page Mode … When I make certain adjustments, e.g. using the hand tool to move an individual item, the words “Layout Tool” then appear in my score near the change. How do I get rid of them?




In the upper right corner of the Score Editor window click on the “Set Up Window Layout” button (second button from right) and enable “Filters”
The Filters row will appear above your Score.
There you can make appear or hide various elements you would like to see in your score.
In your case, you need to uncheck “Layout Tool”.

When Layout Tool appears in the score, it means that you have manually moved the element near this indicator in the score.
Deleting the “Layout Tool” text in the score will move back the corresponding element to its default position.

Note that Layout Tool indications are only visible on computer and won’t print.


Thank you so much. Pesky “Layout Tool” now gone. Useful to know that it wouldn’t have printed anyway.

Thanks again,