Layout types: differences in detail


I’m posting this because I want to know the specifics of the differences between different layout types.

In this page of the documentation

the main characteristics are outlined. This is normally enough. The type of layout is obvious and straightforward for the majority of projects. But I’m crafting a special type of project in which the differences between full score, part and custom score don’t really matter. In order to choose the best suiting type, I would like to know more details in how they differ.

I know that:

  • All parts have the same enharmonic spelling, which follow the score if not overridden.
  • You may propagate settings and layouts between part layouts, but not any other type.
  • Score and parts have a different set of master pages.
  • You can set a default layout settings for each type separately.

Are there any other differences between types not referenced in the aforementioned page that I’m missing? May I suggest that these specific functionalities are referenced in the documentation? Because if they are, I cannot find them. (@Lillie_Harris, maybe?).

Also, is there a reason why it’s not possible to switch layout types after the fact? For instance, f I change my mind and another type would be more suitable for the kind of layout I’m making. I have no doubt there is a good reason, but I’ve already found myself in a situation where I would like to switch types.

Thank you!

I’m not sure what you mean when you say you’re unable to switch layout types. You can assign any instrument, and any flow (in any combination) to any layout in setup mode. This is malleable and can be changed after the fact.

What he means (I assume) is that you can’t change a part layout into a score layout, for example.

Yes, this is what I mean. And since they exhibit different behaviours, it might be relevant.

Thanks for sharing these thoughts - I’ll make a note to review these introductions.

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Yes, I was surprised to find that I could not copy a page of front-matter from score to part.

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@andrewds depending on how you created your front matter page, it should be possible to share between score and parts. If you make it as a master page, you can apply it to pages in any layout using the same master page set, and also import it into other master page sets. E.g. if you make it in the Default Full Score master page set, you can then import it into the Default Parts master page set to use it in your part layouts.

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Thank you Lillie!

Thank you Lillie, I missed that option. I just created the master page twice. Andrew

That was a relatively recent addition so you may well have just been familiar with how it used to work.