First I wanted to thank You for this incredible piece of software You wrote.
It is an everyday tool making my life easier. Thanks.

Though, I have a little question. I am writing some arrangements for a sextet with a trio plus trumpet, alto sax and tenor sax. Alto plays Flute too and Tenor plays Baritone too. All tunes are within a single file and each tune is in a different flow of this file. Very convenient.

My two players have therefore two instruments in the configuration panel and the switch between instruments is really easy thanks to the galley view.
Though, for Engraving considerations,I want for each tune on the first page a title with the flow specifications (composer, number of pages, duration) and the name of the instrument mainly used in the flow. No instrument change is made during the tune itself. When a tune starts with the baritone, the tune ends with a baritone.

Is there a way I can specify the mainly instrument used in a flow ? In the title section I always have “SAX. TENOR / SAX. BARYTON” as I use @LayoutName@. I would have liked “SAX. TENOR” if a tenor is used and not all the names of the instrument of the player…

I know there is a “SAX TENOR” put in the beginning of the transposed part… but would You suggest me something else I haven’t seen yet making the first page clearer ?

Thanks in advance.


You can use any otherwise unused field in the Project Info section to add flow-specific information and call on it via the appropriate token in a customized Master Page.

Here is a sample (I adjusted the First Master Page and Master Flow Header and used Project Info fields):
customMasterPageFlowHeaders.dorico (497.1 KB)


Thank You Derek. That was not the kind of thing I was thinking to do, but It will do the trick.

Thanks once again for your rapid reaction ! :slight_smile: