Layouts duplication and full scores propagate layouts

I think it could be helpful to have the possibility to duplicate layouts, for example for testing some engraving decisions or for having both a transposing and a concert pitch full score in the export list. And since we can have multiple full score layouts it could be interesting to have the propagate layouts command also for full scores and not only for parts.
I am thinking for choral music with and without piano accompaniment for rehearsal.


I find that spacing can naturally change when converting a score from concert to transposing instruments. I don’t think a “duplicate” layout would necessarily serve one well. I generally keep a Working Score layout in concert pitch (with all instruments included) and a Conductor Score in transposed with extra instruments (rehearsal piano) left out. I do not print the Working Score, so format is not overly important.

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I second this request — I actually made this one before, IIRC.

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Well, I hope they listen. By the way what is IIRC?

If I Recall Correctly

Do you suppose this kind of thing will happen when the Team gets around to offering House Styles?

I second this request, as well, and have also mentioned it before. I often need duplicate layouts for different reasons, for example, one layout for printing and another for playing from an iPad, with smaller margins and a larger staff size.

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Yes, we know users would like a feature to duplicate existing layouts. It’s on our backlog for future versions.


House styles? I don’t know what they are but I am confident they listen to our requests.

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