Layouts for A4 and US Letter?

I currently produce all my work on A4, but for the American market, I’m thinking about making Layouts on Letter size. This is for Concert works, so Full Score, Vocal Score, instrumental parts, etc.

I like the idea of having all the layouts in one project (corrections, etc), but separate project files might have advantages in terms of not getting things mixed up. In one project file, I’d have to give the Letter layouts a different name. Then there’s the issue of propagating Properties to the newly created Layouts; whereas in a copy file I could just re-style the original layouts.

I suppose I’m just thinking aloud, but has anyone done similar; or thought of anything I’ve forgotten?

Feature request: layout folders/groupings.


Useful safety tip: check the Frame Constraints before changing the page size! :astonished:

Happy Easter, Ben! Shouldn’t you be eating something really tasty instead of worrying about layouts? :wink:

P.S. You’ll never guess what I’m doing… doing layout work on my Brahms Requiem arrangement…

Vaughan, I’d be interested, which instrumentation you have.

I’ve arranged it for piano and organ. My wife and I have performed it in this combination and it works really well, better than the versions for two pianos or piano 4-hands. It’s a logical extension to the large series of 19th century arrangements and original compositions for the popular combination of piano and harmonium.