Layouts option - no mm?


I have set the preferences to show units of measurement in mm.

However, trying to change the page size in layout option, the unit shows only points and a sort of a fake menu (there’s the typical arrow which presumes the presence of a menu…).

OT, if I find a bug (or supposed bug :confused: ) is the forum the right place to report it?


Yes, please report problems you find here. I and other members of the development team will be monitoring the forum closely.

We haven’t yet fully worked through the “preferred unit of measurement” option in Preferences to all of the various places it would be useful to show them in the UI. This is something we will work on in coming updates. As a short-term measure I will try to get a read-out of the page size in the current chosen measurement unit next to the existing controls for width and height, as we have already for space size.