Layout's "Page Margins" when choosing Landscape is confusing

For portrait orientation it is Ok. But when using Landscape, the Layout window shows the same orientation of the page for Page Margins, which is confusing. (Landscape’s “Top” is the short side, of the page? Or the long side? etc.) Similar could be mentioned for Music Frame Margins (what is “Top”, etc).

Ideally, for Landscape, the page graphic above would switch orientation, and also, the icon might indicate which edge is Top (i.e. put a “Top” label on the graphic).

Perhaps the above is also relative to configuration of a binding edge choice, but I’m not sure about that.

Even when the page is landscape, top still means top (i.e. now the long edge, rather than the short edge), bottom still means bottom (i.e. the other long edge), and so on.