Layouts question concerning lines

I’ve set some gliss lines to be without text (no gliss. or port.) text. This behaviour doesn’t seem to be reflected in the parts. I can obviously change things within the parts, but this seems labour-intensive.

Is this:

  1. A bug?
  2. A useful feature I’ve not understood properly?
  3. A setting I need to change?
  4. Something that’s being worked on?

Thank you!

It is by design that properties can be set independently between different layouts, to ensure that you are not forced to compromise in terms of how you would like items to be expressed in the full score versus the part. However, it is often the case that you would like items to be expressed in the same way in both the score and the parts, and this is currently difficult to achieve. In the fullness of time we plan to introduce new functionality to help you determine the scope of changes you make via the Properties panel, but in the short term a new feature will be included in the forthcoming update to allow you to quickly propagate the properties from one layout to all other layouts in which that item appears.

Thank you Daniel, very helpful as ever,

I do understand the need for the possibility of independence between the score and parts, and can think of many scenarios in which that will be extremely helpful, so all understood.

At the moment (just to provide a hopefully helpful insight) I’m having to go through all pitch bend lines (I’m working on a sax 4tet piece where the term gliss. isn’t really applicable), and having to change each line in the part manually. It might be very helpful to have a setting somewhere along the lines of ‘changes in score reflected in layout’ (with perhaps even more possible granularity over time as the program evolves). Pretty much as you’ve outlined above, really. I don’t trust myself to go through each part and ‘catch’ every necessary change, and would much prefer to be able to set a option. It very much sounds like you’re planning to implement something along those lines, so I look forward to that.

Thanks for the update/info, very much enjoying working on this new piece in Dorico.

Would that explain why when I change some note stems from their default direction in the piano section of the full score layout (e.g. from stem up to stem down) and change some note sizes of extra voices for clarity of reading, the changes are not reflected in the piano layout but show in the default setting?

Have I understood the layout concept properly - is a layout set up for piano the same as a piano part - or is it similar to the Sibelius “Focus on Staves” feature? (Sorry if this post has strayed off topic.)

Yes, that’s correct. If you have a full score layout and a piano-only part layout, changes that you make in one layout will in general not automatically be reflected in the other. The new Edit > Propagate Properties feature exists to help with that.