LayR not rendering correctly multiple crashes

I’m a little irritated right now. I finally put the wheel to the grind and started working on a cover I wanted to do for a long time. I discovered LayR had the ideal sounds for the project. I know LayR (combined with Cubasis 3) is system heavy and after about 4 instances of LayR I started to get crackling, so I knew it was time to start freezing tracks. I froze the first track and it froze the track with the INT preset rather than the preset I had selected. I though maybe that the app exceeded the freezing amount developers sometimes set so I copied the project and started deleting tracks with LayR on it and literally every track freezes with the INT preset…not the one I selected. I also tried another route and attempted to mixdown the track and it does the same thing?

Have you guys experienced something like this? This bug completely changes the direction I was going!

I’m praying someone has a solution for this

I’m thinking I could route the midi sound to an audio track and record it as it plays, but I don’t know how to do this…any tips?


This is in my iPhone 12 Pro Max using the latest iOS 14 and latest Cubasis 3 update

I did find a “work around” however…since I already have the song nearly completed in Cubasis 3 i’m not gonna start it over. However, I exported a midi mixdown to n-Track Studio Pro and set up LayR in n-Track that doesn’t appear to have the same mixdown issue as Cubasis 3. After sending the MIDI file to n-Track I set up LayR with the preset I desired and did an audio mixdown of that track and exported the audio back to Cubasis 3. What a PIA, but it works at least

After this I had multiple crashes (about 10) just to rub salt on my wounds LOL

Hi @Fretless33,

Thanks for your message.

Please let us have a short step description, alongside with the project to allow our team reproducing the problem (e.g. Dropbox upload, link via PM).