Lazy question about text

When inserting say a Medium Swing instruction using Shift-T no actual text appears in the score or parts, as also happens when changing the instruction back to Straight (no swing). Is there a way to get Dorico to automatically enter the instruction as text, or do I have to insert it manually using Shift-Alt-X?

It would help us to know what you are attempting to accomplish by doing this. Swing in just one instrument?

The catch here is that Medium Swing is actually considered a Rhythmic Feel by Dorico. Go to Play/Playback Options/Timing/Rhythmic Feel/Edit to see the list of rhythmic feels defined in your file. After assigning “Medium swing” using Shift-T, you’ll notice it created a signpost if you have Rhythmic Feel signposts turned on, but no text. This confused me as well the first time I encountered it. There’s not even a checkbox in Properties to give you the option to display the text, it just doesn’t display. Use Shift-T to create the rhythmic feel of “medium swing,” but as you discovered, you need to use Shift-Alt-X to create the actual text for anything that is defined as a rhythmic feel.

Derrek: - I have some bars that have swing & some that don’t & I need to tell the players when to start the swing bars & when to go back to playing straight.
FredGUnn: - thank you. That is as I thought it might be, though I hoped there might be a lazier way!. Shift-Alt-X it is!