LDT Execution Environment for Halion

Lua Development Tools (LDT) uses so called Execution Environment for code assistance (auto-complete suggestions and tooltips). I tried to create one for Halion.
halion.zip (74.6 KB)
How to install:

  • Download the attachment. Do not unzip.

  • In LDT go to Window>Preferences>Lua>Execution Environments. Click the Add button and select the Execution Environment file.

More detailed information can be found here: Managing Execution Environments


Some functions return an array with objects (findLayers, findZones, …). If you use ipairs with this array you will get no auto complete suggestions.

zones = this.parent:findZones()
for i, zone in ipairs(zones) do
--no suggestions after typing zone:

Using numeric for loop or accessing the table values by index should work.


Default shortcut to invoke auto complete suggestions is Ctrl + Space. After typing colon or dot auto complete suggestions should appear automatically.