LE 4 Crashing with Tascam

So I was really excited to record a full band for the first time after getting the Tascam US-2000, which came with Cubase LE 4 (with which I was already familiar), but the first time I try to use it, the recording crashes thirty to forty seconds in. It’s still recording, but the program won’t respond, nor will it after any amount of time. I can’t determine the problem. I’m using a brand new laptop with an i7 processor and 8GB ram (far beyond what is required to use the Tascam) with Windows 7 (which I am assured is compatible with both US-2000 and Cubase LE 4), and I’m only using six of the available eight inputs on the interface (1 stereo + 4 mono). The laptop runs Cubase nicely, so I suspect the Tascam is doing something wrong (although it seems to be running well also), so I guess my question is more of a hardware issue:

Has anyone else had problems with a Tascam Us-2000 or something similar with Cubase, and if so, how can I fix it (if I can fix it)?

Roger: yes I have. Try using the lowest latency when recording (go to your control panel
Devices - Device setup --control panel) and lower the latency.

Have you got the best tascam drivers and firmware :question:

Your internet connection is off :question:
cleared out all programs in Startup ( start - MSCONFIG - start up :question:
defragged your computer :question:

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Ps: Rog I always use low LATENCY when recording
then I switch it to the highest latency for mix down. :wink:

works for me :wink:

Definitely make sure you have the latest drivers and firmware


Also double check you’re not using a USB3 connection on the lappy. I know they say it’s backwards compatible but…

Thanks very much guys, I was pretty sure I had the latest firmware/drivers which was why I was so frustrated and at a loss, but I downloaded them again and reinstalled them and that seemed to fix the problem! Thanks again!