LE 4 frustrations ..please help

someone please help with this BS;

since I have has to re-install Cubass becasue my computer crashed, the following issues have arisen:
(I am NOT advanced AT ALL with this cubas program, I just do simple recordings - and the computer itself is fine now. )

1.I do not remeber how to get the SIGNAL from the microphone INTO the mixer. I began at the beginning of the instructions but there is something missing or something is not set right that I do not know what it is.
2. The signal feeds back through my headphones (plugged into the input interface- whatever you call it, where I plug in the mics); i have no idea why.
3. the VST settings only have a “integrated” lalala something, and before that is not what they were; I do not know what this integrated thing for inputs is.
4. All of a sudden, when I did record something, I dont know really what i did any different, the playback goes through my computer speakers instead of through the headphones. This was not so before. Before I could not figure out how to get it to play through the computer without mixing it down a playing it on windows media or something.
5. when I have mixed things down, sometimes the recording would be in one peice, sometimes it would not

And the final question: What the hell? How can this be so difficult?
So basically, i cannot use my recoding stuff because the instructions dont have anything about the problems Im having, and there is no person I can speak with to trouble shoot or to take me through the process.

someone please help me. I mean christ. this is really pissing me off.

Make sure the correct ASIO driver for your interface is selected in Device Setup and the correct in and out port are selected in VST Connections and selected on the audio track.