LE 4 to Le5

Hey guys,

I’m new to the forum and recording. I have a couple of passionate teens that want to give a shot at home recording. Our latest purchase is Tascam’s US-2000 USB Interface that will hopefully make the connection between instruments and the computer. It arrived with a Cubase LE5 installation disk. However, we already have a registered and active version of LE4 on the computer (never used). I think I would like to replace it with the LE5. Do I need to do a complete uninstall of LE4 first, or is there a different method? Any help would be appreciated. I’m also thinking LE is a great place to learn…

Either, or. Activation is just like LE4. Might want to move LE4 App Data folder before installing LE5 as there have been issues there for some.

does anyone know how to export audio file threw cubase le 5…when i try i get a e-lincense controller message, sayin i have to validate my e-lincences to an MP# encoder, but i have did all the steps nessacary and still no go…plese help sum one anyone…Cager 254 245 6376

hey hi i bought a lexicon lambada last year i try to reinstalled on another computer but i lost the cd that comes with it what can i do to start usin it :cry: