LE 5 Automation not showing

Lately I’ve noticed that when I automate anything, the automations don’t “show”. For example, for volume automation, the curves are still there and the automation is still working, but the faders don’t move at all to reflect it.
If I have an track with its volume automation drawn and it is set to “readable” and I pull its fader down to -60dB, the volume will go down by -60dB until I let go of the mouse. Once I let go of the fader the track’s volume starts following the automation again, but the fader stays at -60dB.

Just a few days ago I remember seeing the fader reflect the automation. It’s good that the track is still following the automation, but not knowing what dB a track is at without clicking on the nearest dot is annoying. Has this happened to anyone? does anyone have any tips they could shoot my way?