LE 5 Reactivation

Hello all,

This may be a bit of a dumb question, but I couldn’t find a solution to my problem anywhere on here, so here goes. :confused:

I own Cubase LE 5, and for some reason, whenever my computer updates its OS, Cubase stops working. And by that, I mean that it tells me the license for it (which was a Full License) has expired. I looked around Steinberg’s site and found what I thought was a solution; that is, uninstall both the eLicenser and Cubase and then reinstall them and I was told that I should receive a new activation code for Cubase and a new eLicenser number.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case (it’s given me the exact same ones for the last five attempts), and now I’m stuck, not knowing what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Unisntall the eLCC completely, please. Then download eLicenser Helper to force eLCC to create a new Soft-eLicenser number. Then reactivate your license.