LE 5 Zoom R24 Bundle. (Output not working)

Hi guys,

I am new to the forum but thought this would be a great place to get some help with diagnosing the problem that I am having with my current setup and Cubase LE 5.

Non-essential Background Info:
I purchased a Zoom R24 recorder some years back and have only been using it as a stand alone unit up until now. I installed the supplied Cubase LE 5 on my PC when I got the unit but never used it. I got a new computer, which is a MacBook Pro, about 2 years ago and re-Installed Cubase LE 5. I remember the e-licenser being kind of a pain the second time especially. I have also updated the Zoom software version (1.12) as well as the driver (1.4), the most recent releases.

Computer Specs:
MacBook Pro, 2.6 GHz i7 processor, 8 GB Ram, OS X 10.10.2

Anyways, fast forward to now when I actually want to use the Zoom as my interface (8 inputs) and I can get no sound out of playback from Cubase or any other computer program (itunes, youtube, etc) using this interface. I have set up Cubase to the same specs as given in the manual as well as multiple forums and tutorial videos. Here are some of my device setup and VST connections screen shots attached for reference.

The zoom is being used as a Mackie controller, and I have no problem using the machine to make the software play, record, solo tracks, adjust track levels, navigate etc. This leads me to believe that the machine and the software are “talking” fine on some levels. I can also hear the input source such as my keyboard for example when it is plugged into the Zoom as an audio interface, regardless to if Cubase is running or not. When played, the notes will play through my speakers as they are attached to the Zooms stereo outputs, and I have successfully recorded wave forms from my keyboard onto Cubase while running the software.

I have noticed that when I go to my sound preferences, My Zoom driver has no type. My MPC Renaissance is seen as “USB” and my internal speakers as “Built In” etc. But the Zoom Driver is just blank…? Is this my problem? I just updated the Driver today, and have had the same problem with both versions that I ran today.

I am hoping you guys can help me come to some conclusion!

Thanks for your time and help,


I’m guessing the only thing missing is to press F4 (to bring up the VST Connections window), click the Outputs tab and check that your output buss is connecting to the Zoom outputs. I presume you have the physical outputs of the Zoom connected to your monitors/amplifier?

Thanks for the reply MrSoundman,

I do in fact have my monitors and headphones plugged physically into the Zoom interface (and yes they are on and the levels are turned up). As I mentioned, I am not too experienced in Cubase but after reading the manuals first section on VST connections I feel that I set it up correctly, but maybe not.

Here is an attachment of my VST Connection Screenshot on the Output tab. I will try to use URL’s next time.

I will try hooking up through my scarlet 2i2 interface today when I dig it out. I have a feeling it may be the Zoom driver and if I get playback from my scarlet, I guess that would support that theory?


Note: I updated my OS X to 10.10.3 today

Your screenshot looks OK. Have you assigned the mixer master output channel to the Zoom?

Hi can you please tell me what is the solution to this problem, im in the same situation, i have a zoom r24 interface and it comes whit a free cubase le 6 daw, i have a macbook air and the output doesn’t work.

Please work through the section “Setting up Your System” under “System Requirements and installation” in the Quick Start Guide.

MenaceHopper did you ever find a solution? I have this same problem. I can see the LED meters going when I play back Cubase or any system sound but no sound is produced. Let me know if you found a fix!