LE AI Elements not showing bars and beats

Hi All,

I am a newbie to DAW’s in the last 12 months and have used GB and I got a copy of LE AI Elements with the Yamaha THR10c. I had used it maybe 10 times and it was fine, however I updated to Mac OS Catalina and since then have not been able to see bars and beats on the main window. I have searched for solutions with no luck. It could be a Catalina issue from what I have read. I have followed the YT Steinber video’s and settings look okay. Any help appreciated. I attach a photo of what I have.

Thanks again.


Hi and welcome,

What I can see from the screenshot, to me it seems you are using Bars+Beats. It seems the Zoom level is just very high. Click to the arranger area and Zoom Out (G Key Command, by default).