I’m learning about midi logical editor and I find it too cryptic for now. So far I have managed some. But I’m trying to sort out other functions for vol, velocity.
I was trying to google but could not find the answer.
Though someone shared some presets I’m still trying to create on my own and understand it.

So for vol increase I see logical editor settings as ------------
Type is- equal- controller- and
midi controller no.- equal - 7

Value 2 —add ----------3

But I cant find option ---------midi controller no.

  1. Can anyone sort it out/ tell me where’s this option?

  2. And lastly I see this presets work on midi automation but I usually do automation on the automation track. Playing with project logical editor I managed to do some functions but I could not work out vol automation increase / decrease on the automation track.
    Can this be achieved ?

Thanks for assisting.


Do you want to change the controller? So when controller 7 comes, you want to change it to CC8, for example? Then Value 1 is the CC Nr., if I remember correctly.

Be careful to not conflate MIDI automation with Automation. MIDI controllers appear in the Key Editor.

Automation is distinct and only appears in the Project window. (there is an option to have CC appear in automation lanes, but first let’s sort these questions)

You use the Project Logical Editor on Automation, and you use the Logical Editor on MIDI CCs.

But I cant find option ---------midi controller no.

  1. Can anyone sort it out/ tell me where’s this option?

Once you set the filter in the L.E. there is no need to specify Value 1, just perform the operation on Value 2.

Value 1 Changes to the MIDI Controller No. automatically.

Same as Value 2 changes to the MIDI Controller Value automatically. For the MIDI Controller, of course. If your Type Is > Note, then Value 1 = Pitch, Value 2 = Velocity; Value 3 = Off Velocity.
Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 17.37.12.png

hi and thanks for assisting martin and steve.

i sorted it out i had to click on channel to get that option.

just confused reading some comments.
Steve---------we can have automation in 2 places —track automation or midi part. am i wrong?

and my last issue
i prefer track automation than doing it on the editor.
so the things that i do using midi logical editor can i do the same things on the track automatiom using ple.


It’s just a matter of terminology- MIDI controllers are what you see in the MIDI editors, and Automation is what you see by default in the Project window.

You can also have Midi Controllers in the project window, but it’s a slightly different thing, I will post more when I have time later. (unless Martin beats me to it! :smiley: )