Le crash after XML import

Here’s a file I imported from a Sibelius XML. In the Beginning_complete.dorico (1.4 MB)

It freezes frequently, and I can’t seem to get it under control. Diagnostics, if needed (not a crash, but a freeze, so I’m not sure if this is helpful): Dorico Diagnostics.zip (947.2 KB)

I downloaded your file and open it in my dorico.
So if it can give you a way to go further
I swtich to several parts , zoom in out, play from different bar during 5 minutes and no problem but a s I don’t own note performer, I have this:
So prehaps unload all this vst and rebuild the audio output?!
best regards

Dan. It played without problem on my system. I did a save as… In the Beginning_completeX.dorico (1.4 MB)
Perhaps this will work for you.

Loads and plays fine here with me as well.
The diagnostics report does not show any crash or spin dump file. Also the log files don’t give any obvious hint. Could you please do following? Load and play the project until it’s hanging. Then shutdown Dorico, restart and create another diagnostics report. The shutdown in between is to make sure that the log buffers really get flushed out to disk. Thanks

Hi Ulf, thanks for the reply. That’s what I did to generate the first report: Waited until the project froze, force-quit, restart Dorico, create diagnostics report.

Hi Dan, okay, but could you please do it again with the restart in between? As I mentioned, the log buffers otherwise don’t get flushed and the logs are not complete. Thanks

Oh, restart the computer?

No, just restart Dorico.

That’s precisely what I did before. After the force-quit, I restarted Dorico and immediately created the diagnostic report.

Okay, but…I’m really puzzled. The log is still not complete, even for the last but one run (the one of interest in this case).
Would it be too much, if you do the whole cycle again?s

Definitely. I’m trying to finish up another project tonight but will give it a shot tomorrow and see if I can make it freeze again (I’ll try Janus’s file too). Thanks.