LE: how to make long notes short (like quantize setting)

is there a way to cut/divide my long notes (right in pic) according my quantize setting? (left in pic)


MIDI > Functions > Fixed Lengths

thats only half of it.
I need the full length of the long notes cut into notes depending on the quantize.
So I guess here is the need of a fill-up option.

You can use Alt+Split to chop a long Note into a series of smaller Notes. This will leave a bunch of legato Notes. If you want to shorten them like in your screenshot select all the Notes and change the Length field on the Info Line.


noooo. I am sorry maybe I am describing it wrong here but I know how to chop notes, of course.
I want to create a macro that auto-chops the long notes in full duration and to grid.

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Could you make a screenshot before and after, please?

I thought the explanation was pretty clear if you read their question below the picture in the OP.

I don’t have the new PLE yet, still on 11.

What @raino is suggesting, is there is a modified-split tool that repeats the split length for the length of whatever events are selected. After that, you would then use ‘Fixed Lengths’ to quantize lengths. This seems to only do one note at a time though.

But you could perhaps use that new string of newly sliced notes as a slice reference for the other notes.

I use a macro

  • Split Event
  • Next Event

and just hold it down until everything is split.


but you could also do this probably just with a macro and split using grid navigation commands?

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ahhhh there is another splitting tool - I always use [Alt-Key+mouseclick] but now I notice the other scissors tool - thanks a lot - thats it!