LE preset on selected folder track part (to transform CC7 values)

I can’t transform the CC7 data (or any other CC) by selecting the folder event and clicking “Apply”. If this it’s not possible, please consider adding this feature. Thank you.

I understand what you want the LE preset to do, but I don’t think it is set up correctly.
I think this LE is just looking at the folder track itself which doesn’t, and cannot, have MIDI data.
I think you would have to select the actual MIDI tracks for it to work. Or, if there is a way to create a PLE that selects all child tracks of a folder track, you could combine that PLE with your MIDI LE in a macro.

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If only I had this option… :smiling_face_with_tear:
I actually need to select the parts (the ones located at the right of a split track event, i.e the second half), not the tracks…

Care to expand?

You can create a PLE that selects all Events on a selected track.

Sorry… The feature request I made was a simplification of my actual problem (if I can call it that way). This is the project I’m working on:

That’s the thing: I’d like tot select only some of the parts, not all. I’d like to select only the parts below where I’ve split the folder track event…