LE & R24 Crackly input sound after a few minutes

Hello I’m new to the forum. I’m using Cubase LE with a ZOOM R24 interface. Almost every time I set up an instrument (piano, guitar, bass) to record I get good sound for about a minute or two and then all of a sudden I get this crackly distortion on my instrument input…it prints as well…Does anyone know what this could be? I have adjusted line levels and nothing stops it…

Try adjusting the buffer/latency to a higher value.

Thanks for that…I jacked the buffer up and it got better but unfortunately I still have the problem…achhh…very frustrating.
If anyone knows any other work arounds…please send them my way.

Yeah, the buffer size is often the culpret, though if you had no luck there it’s in the system…
It sounds like there could be a programme running in the background that kicks in, upsetting the audio, so you gotta find out what it is.

Firstly, if you have not turned off your onboard audio in the bios, do it! Be careful there as it can reck your system, though is quite simple if you know what you’re looking for. In this case look for anything mentioned to do with AUDIO.

Try tweaking your graphics so that it is running without any extra resources by turning off the extra’s - auto fade/invisible… and all that jazz…

Check to see what programmes are running in the background by clicking:
Start > write “msconfig” and go to “startup”. In here you should have the bear minimal things starting when you switch on your system ie your sound card, AVG and that’s about it. Everything else could upset your system!!

That I think is a good place to start and may repair the issue, if not there may be a virus in the system, or even your antivirus programme could be doing something wackie, so try disabling it.

Try each tweak at a time, then reboot and test… :ugeek:
For an audio machine to work optimally you really need it set up so that its resources are concentrating mainly on the audio.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

Latest drivers? Windows isn’t set to use the interface for it’s sounds? ASIO4All may be an answer, although I don’t recommend it except as a last resort.

Yes, drivers are often the issue, though with windows 7 64bit ASIO4ALL froze my system.
Try your hardware manufacturers website for the most up to date driver for your system.