LE to Artist or Pro download file size?

I recently got started with Cubase LE 10.5 and I’m thinking of upgrading to Artist or Pro, but I have monthly download limits. It took a lot of planning for the 15+ GB LE download, but I managed it. I’m hoping an upgrade would be significantly smaller, but I haven’t found that information anywhere. All I see is the 21+ GB listed under requirements, and that would be even more problematic for me. Anybody know the upgrade download size?

The easiest thing for me would be a physical copy that didn’t require any download, but that seems to be a thing of the past. Or does such a thing exist and I simply haven’t found it?

Hi and welcome,

Cubase Elements and Cubase Artist are 2 separated installers and executables. So you will definitely need to download the Cubase software again. In theory, there could be an upgrade of the sound library, so you wouldn’t need to download the part of the library which has been shared. But unfortunately as far as I know, there is no this kind of update.

Install the Steinberg Download assistant. It will tell you size of the file and allows you to pause downloads.