LE won't install on Win7

I got a Cubase LE disk included with the Zoom GU7 guitar MFX pedal I bought back in 2006 in the UK.

I installed it without any problems and used it a few times, but now when I try to use it, I get no sound at all. I can see the MIDI playing but no sound, although I have tried various fiddlings with MIDI settings etc.

Any thoughts?

The fact that I am now in New Zealand, surely doesn’t have any bearing on the matter?

I actually have 2 problems.
Based on the above problem, I thought I would install it on my Win 7 machine. However it fails to install when it gets to the on-line registration saying that it can’t find Online Registration.pdf.

I take the option to register later, but it still will not install.

It rabbits on about eLCC but I am sure that I did not do anything originally, just installed it. Besides eLCC appears to have only been in action since about 2009, so I don’t think that I did use it.

From memory, the version of LE that I had was subsequently upgraded to a later version, which I assume I would be able to find again under my Steinberg account, which I can’t.

I downloaded and installed eLCC but it show nothing, and now I seem to be going around in circles in a Catch 22 situation. It insists that I need an authorisation number from eLCC, but won;t allow me to get one for some reason.

Help!!! Why do I need to register a product which came free with another product?

Further to the above post, I have managed, after a lot of fiddling, to get sound from the MIDI files, so that’s one problem solved, but still doesn’t explain why I can’t install Cubase on my Win 7 computer, without this eLCC nonsense, which while I understand the reason for it for a PAID product, seems a little over the top for a free OEM product, especially as I didn’t need eLCC when I originally installed it.

I should add that, the version of LE I have is just LE v 1.0.10 Built in 2006 which I am sure was received long before the use of soft licensing