LE4 Activation

Hello! please please help!
I got a Zoom H4n recorder a couple of years ago it came bundled with Cubase LE4. I’ve never really bothered with it, until now I want to get into it for a project. I’ve tried to activate it several times, but I keep getting message:

Your eLicenser with the number XXXXXXXXX was successfully registered.

Currently, there is no valid Steinberg product license found on this eLicenser.

I’ve followed the activation fail advice, got the latest version of the eLCC ( updated the hotfix for LE4 as suggested, did everything in the order the knowledge base suggested but it still doesn’t work!

I’m using Windows 10. Also, yesterday I received an email to update LE4 to LE8 - so I did. I bought LE8 but that doesn’t work either!!

What am I doing wrong?!

Please help me!

Thank you, Russ.


Uninstall and reinstal your Cubase, please. Now, the Cuabse should be visible for the eLicenser.

Hello, already done that - been doing that since I first tried installing in December! And I’ve bought a new SSD since and totally reinstalled Windows (10). Still nothing!


Do you instal your Cubase AI8, please? Cubase 4 is bot Win10 compatible.

I’ve installed the LE8, but I can’t activate it - presumably because it is an upgrade from LE4 which I can’t activate!

I see… In any case, you have to activate your LE4 first. Then you can activate the upgrade.

But how do I activate the LE4?!

Hmm, That’s the tricky part…

So you cannot install your LE4; or can you?

I can. But it won’t work anymore because it won’t activate.


Send me you MySteinberg username as PM, please.

Hi Martin - did you get my PM?

Hi, yes I did. I’m waiting for the answer. I would say (hope) on Monday… I will let you know. :wink:

Thank you. And sorry for the frustration.