LE4 drum audio & click problem

Every time I try and record a drum machine track whether an actual electronic drum set, or the hand held, it eventually goes out of sync with the ‘click’ or metronome. There is no issue when recording guitar or any other instrument. There is a sort of ‘delay’ that happens when I try and record drums for some reason. I’m not overloading the cpu or anything. It seems to me a latency issue I guess, or maybe I need to change settings for something? Please help!

Which MIDI interface?

I just went direct from left/mono from the drum kit into the line in of my TASCAM US-122L/US-144

All drivers updated? It’s strange that audio doesn’t follow the click.

I will check and see if the drivers need to be updated. I first noticed the problem when I was trying to record a preset drum beat from a drum machine. It would start out fine, but after 15 seconds or so the click would either fall behind, but both would eventually be out of sync…

And you are using midi clock?

He isn’t using MIDI, just live recording audio from the devices. :wink:

So there is the issue. The clock of the drum machine is not in sync with the Cubase clock, so there will always be a timing drift.

No, he isn’t triggering the devices he’s recording the audio whilst playing live just like you would a guitar etc. No need for sync.

I hear what you’re saying Nate, but this quote seems to say to me that he’s just pressing play on the drum machine then wondering why the beat on the machine is out of sync with the click in Cubase. Unless the 2 clocks are synced exactly, it’s gonna drift…

Thats how I read it as well, hence the question about midi clock.

Yeah, but his first post says this;


Guess its up to the OP to enlighten us

sorry guys for the confusion…

It does have to be some sort of syncrinization issue… My friend was recording live from his Roland TD-9 digital drum set left/mono out into my tascam US-122L line in. My guitar & vocal tracks were perfectly in sync with the click until we started recording drums… I don’t know enough about syncrinization to figure it out, I’m thinking my audio set up or settings need to be adjusted somehow so that the drum set will be in sync with the cubase but I have no clue what settings to adjust. Thanks guys for helping with this… it’s frustrating…

After I recorded the drum parts and played back… ‘Everything’ started going out of sync… the guitar/vocal/click/drums… it seemed to start off fine in the play back, but when i continued listening and click various parts of the recording it would sound more and more messed up.

durdle: try recording to a “Midi track” in Cubase instead of an Audio track.

Do you have a Midi out port on your drum kit? :question:
I know the Tascam 144 had Midi in & out.

Jack. :question: :question: :question:

ps: Make sure to install the drum kit in

  1. Devices
  2. Midi device manager

Have you accidently changed the tempo?

Split: I think you got it :wink: :wink:

I’ve done something similar myself

Jack :smiley: :smiley: