le4 suggestion to steinberg

I just bought some new hardware and le4 came with it. I would love to update my le1 on my studio puter but it will never be hooked to the net, which every studio pro often suggests. I don’t even have any of that net crap installed as it was all unchecked when I installed my os. theres no way I’m going to go back and try and figure out all the internet garbage that needs to be installed just to activate this.

please mr steinberg, consider an offline activation for things like le4, as just about every other company does.

You can purchase a blank Dongle and permanantly activate LE4. You can do this from any computer.

so your suggestion is to spend more money on top of what I just spent and use a usb port to run an le version of software instead of steinberg just having an offline activation system within the license software they give you. hmmm, why would I do that when I could just install sonar which also came with the hardware and has offline activation, as does all the other software that came with the package. the way to do this is to punch in the serial no, it spits out a code that I put on my usb stick, I take that to my net puter and steiny installs the activation code on my usb stick that I take back to my studio and cubase sees it and opens up, simple and no need to purchase more junk.
I appreciate your help but lets try and encourage steinberg to do this rather than have workarounds.

You haven’t spent a dime on Cubase, you got it for free bundled with hardware. Sonar forum’s down the hall, third door on the left. :sunglasses:


Well, then you know LE1 has no authorization so why don’t you stick with that? It’s better than LE 4 or 5, IMHO.

I am old enough to know that Steinberg isn’t going to change their policies for someone who has used the free versions for a decade without upgrading. Maybe you’ll learn that when you get older. :wink:

The Sonar comment meant not to let the door hit you on the way out. :mrgreen: