LE5 How Do I Slice a Stereo Track and Export the Slices

I read what I should do, but it’s not working. I just bought a Lexicon Alpha that came with the Cubase LE5 for simply putting my LPs and cassettes on my laptop. Most video and on-line help is for LE4 or 6 and they’re not the same. I use the scissors (which I love) at the point between the songs, I then right click in the box just to the left of the tracks, and click on Select All Events. This highlights the whole track. I then go to Pool, but the only thing there are the two “primary” slices caused by when I stopped the recording to flip the LP over. If I double click on the audio-1 or -2 name in Pool the Sample Editor comes up, but its Greek to me, but at least the slices show up. I go to Export, but only the single track appears. Instead of doing the “right click, select all”, I did the right/left arrow lines above the track that turns the area reddish, but same problem. If you can help me with this will the Bounce or export show all the separate slices for me to select which to send? Also, at a few points above the track are small blue boxes, what are these? My laptop is an older Compaq running Win7. BTW I did Export the whole 20min track and it sounded very good even through my laptop speakers.