LE5 into new computer

I read all the info but am still confused. I’m sure it’s clear to someone who’s done it before.
I am finishing up a new system build and plan to stop using LE5 on my old computer and start using it on my new one. I want to uninstall LE5 on the old computer, then install it on the new one.
I do not need in import any custom settings, etc.
Will LE5 be accessible for removal on the old system after the SEL is reactivated for the new system?
Or, do I have to uninstall first?
What are the precise order of steps to safely unistall LE5 and the Soft E-Liscenser and then reinstall them both on my new system?
Also, can I run LE5 on the new system without a continuous internet connection if I use a dongle instead of the SEL. Is the dongle some kind of proprietary thumb drive or will any thumb drive work?
Finally, will LE5 even run on Windows 7 64 bit?
Thanks in advance.

You can run LE 5 without a continuous internet connection with the soft-eLicenser. I use Elements 6 on my laptop with the soft-eLicenser and only have a USB 4G modem which is very rarely plugged in while using Cubase.

If you think you might want to go the USB e-Licenser route I would recommend transferring your license to the dongle while you still have LE 5 installed on your old machine. That way after you install on your new system you won’t have to worry about re-activation of the soft-eLicenser.

You need the proper USB e-Licenser dongle available here (and elsewhere) …


LE 5 should run on Windows 7 64. I’m running Studio 5 on my desktop with no issues whatsoever.

You can wait to uninstall LE 5 and e-License Control Center on your old machine until you get your new setup running. Or, if you get a USB e-Licenser you can leave it installed on the old machine and just plug the dongle into whichever one you want to use.

Thanks for the quick reply!

I can verify that it’s working just fine on my Win 7 x64 installation.

Sorry if these questions seem dumb, but this licensing proceedure is quite unique.
OK, so I bought the USB e-Licenser and transferred my license on my old computer to it.
Moved the USB e-L to the new computer and installed LE5.
LE5 insisted on installing the software e-L anyway.
I upgraded to the newest version of the e-L and then selected “maintenance”.
It seems to be fine locally, but on the “My Steinberg” site, it’s now showing two LE5 entries.
Both are from May 23, 2012, and one indicates “Not Yet Activated”
Should I get any indication locally if I’m not properly licensed?
I’m still not sure the USB dongle is actually doing anything on the new computer.
I don’t want LE5 to lock me out halfway through a project.

In the eLicenser control panel is it possibly showing both a soft-eLicenser and a USB-eLicenser?

Yes, it will install the eLicenser software when you install Cubase. But unless you requested a new soft-eLicencer activation code through MySteinberg and entered it in the eLicenser control the soft-eLicencer should be empty.

If your USB-eLicencer is showing up in the control panel is it showing your unlimited LE 5 license? If so I think you should be good to go.

The “not yet activated” entry in your MySteinberg area is most likely for the unused soft-eLicenser.

If you can’t start Cubase without the USB-eLicenser in place that’s a good indication that it is actually doing something.