le5 no sound

I have bought a new computer, having tried unsuccessfully to get cubase le5 to work I realised it won’t on a 64 bit system. I have changed to a 32 bit system and I am getting no sound. My tascam is working but nothing is registering on cubase. the graphic shows no response. help?

I recently changed my hard drive and had to reinstall everything from scratch, licensing too, and then get the connections from my TASCAM US-600 interface to each track all reset to be able to record again. To set a track to record from a specific USB input, the paths for each must be set in advance so one can select the correct one for each track. This is what I did successfully: (Assuming USB interface is properly installed with proper driver and it is working)

Set USB interface ports for LE
Click Device Setup… Set AISO driver to your USB interface driver. (If it’s not in the list, then it’s not properly installed yet.) In the Devices tree that is displayed, click on “VST Audio System.” In the ASIO driver drop-down list, select your USB interface driver. Your USB interface driver will now show in the device tree. Click on your USB interface name on the Device tree. Click on the Control Panel button to view settings for your interface. Set the input and outputs as you plan to use them. When done, click Exit. In the grid showing the various possible inputs and outputs, make sure the ones you want to be able to use are showing as “Active.” If any look incorrect, go back to the Control Panel button and check the settings there. LE should now know the basic port setup for your interface.

Set which interface port is which to be able to set track inputs and outputs.
Click Devices > VST Connections. On the Input Tab the controls are set up in a grid. Set input connections between USB interface and LE by double-clicking on the Audio Device space for the input bus you are setting (a “bus” is a connection) and selecting your USB interface. Then in the row below that for the input click on the Device Port space and on the list that appears click on the desired input port to connect which USB interface port goes with which LE input.

For example, I use USB Port 1 for my mic only so in VST Connections mine is set as Audio Device as “US-600” and then the Device Port in the row below for “mono” it is set as “US-600 in 1.” This tells LE which USB input device to use and then which port on the device to use for that input setting. Do this this kind of mapping for all of your USB inputs, so that you will be able to select from them when setting up specific tracks in your projects.

Also set up the outputs on the Output tab grid. Mine are set as “Stereo Out” (Audio Device = US-600) and then below that Left Device Port is US-600 Analog L and the Right Device Port is US-600 Analog R.

Setting inputs and outputs for each track in a project.
If you have set the connections correctly using the steps above, then in any track in a project, you should be able to set which USB interface port to use for input and output. To set the track inputs (in a project with a track visible and selected and the “Track Inspector” view showing) click on the track name to show the basic controls for the track. Where it says “No Bus” click to change it to the desired USB interface port which should be listed if the above steps have worked. This will route the signal from your mic or instrument, to the USB port, to the track and then eventually to the computer hard drive when you record. Also set the desired output bus so that when you monitor, the signal from that track will know where to go back at the USB interface output bus/connection so you can hear what you’re recording or have recorded.

I hope that this is correct and that it helps. This is the first time I have ever contributed anything to any tech forum ever, so please be gentle with me. :slight_smile: