LE5 - PANIC - mixdown give not enough room message

HELP! trying to meet deadline for Radio - new Using Cubase LE5 on windows XP - have mixed own and exported 1 other project last week no problem, but today when i ask to export on a new project, I get a message saying there is “not enough room on the disk”. No matter what disk i target i get the same message. The disk the project is on is a TB with 785% free space… wat is problem - I must finish this project in the next 4 hours HELP!

What OS? Do you have the correct permissions? Are you running as Administrator?

785 % of free space…?
The problem ist most probably the operator in front of the computer. Are your locators set correct? The error message indicates they may be reversed. If not, apologies in advance…

Thinking cap - thanks! it was the locators. i am not yet used to LE5… all the different colors… when I saw red on the locators I didn’t think anything of it…so many colors on the screen in LE5 vs LE4… but the locators were backwards - THINKING CAP, thanks - FYI, that was 75% free not 785%! Sorry about that -