LE7 to ELEMENTS 7 upgrade fiasco

I am writing this in the hope that someone at steinberg will listen.
Having purchased a focusrite scarlett 2i2 i found it came with a
download for Cubase LE7. This all went fine until i decided to upgrade to
Elements 7. I paid my money, got the download, unpacked it, and low and
behold all the programs in the unpacked folder were for AI&LE. Straight
away i emailed Steinberg, no reply, emailed again, no reply. I got intouch with
Asknet who sent me my receipt, they replied straight away and said that they
would forward my info to Steinberg, yet again no reply. I then sent a 3rd email
myself to Steinberg, oh what a surprise, no reply. Spoke to Asknet again who
were very sorry and would get intouch with Steinberg and get them to contact me.
By this time i spoke to a friendly guy at the music store i use, he gave me the relevant
info i needed and now i am up and running.
The moral of this story is that i will never buy a Steinberg product again if this is how
they treat there customers