LE8 and M-Audio Fast Track Pro: Too Many Receive errors

Hi all
This is my first post so please be gentle
I have just installed LE8 and am trying to configure for my M-Audio Fast Track Pro Sound device. I have configured my settings as per the following examples. Forum searches have indicated that perhaps I should not have to use the VST set up but if I don’t activate the Fast Track pro connectivity I don’t get any input
As a result I get input and can seemingly record an audio track for my guitar via the Fast Track pro

However, when I attempt to play it back, I get no audio and after a few attempts I get the following message
'VST System Link has been deactivated because of too many receive errors"

I have a Win 7.0 SP 1 PC with 64 bit and have run Cubase LE4 somewhat successfully with the same M-Audio device but used a ASIO Direct X driver (which doesn’t seem to be supported by LE8)


Disable the system link. You don’t need it unless you are trying to connect and sync two computers.

Hi mate
Thanks for your reply which matches what I have previously read. However, as stated, if I didn’t have system link active, it wouldn’t record in the first place, as if there is a dependency on this setting being ‘active’

Agreed that you should disable the VST System Link.

Also, try changing the input VST buses to mono. Delete the stereo one you have and add (2) separate mono buses for inputs 1 & 2.

If that doesn’t help please post a screenshot of the VST Audio System that shows exactly what driver you are using. I would download the latest (pretty old) driver for your AI and use that one.

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