LE8 migration

This is probably real simple, but it has me lost.

I had several projects that I had previously done in LE4. When I was done with that album I archived the files to an external drive. Now, when i try to load them. I get a whole slew of “files not found”. Undoubtedly this is because the paths to the files don’t match. Is there a simple way to fix this?

In addition, I have upgraded to LE8. I tried to upload these files to the new program (I used “import audio files”). I ran into 3 problems.

  1. it loaded all the files starting a zero time. Unfortunately, that i not where they all were located. Is there an easy fix here, or must I align them all manually? Should I have done it another way?
  2. the automations did not come across.
  3. the VST effects did not come across.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


Hi and welcome,

Why the path to the files don’t match? The structure of the project stays the same.

You could open all projects in Cubase LE 4 (if it’s still installed), and make a Back up Project (if this function is available in Cubase LE).

  1. The Audio event is inserted to the Cursor position, by default. If you want to put it to the original position, use Edit > Move to > Origin.

  2. Agrees. Automation is not part of the Wav file. If you want to get the automation, you have to open the project, or import tracks from projects (Cubase Pro only).

  3. Agrees. Same as 2.

Thanks, although the news is not good.

Just to confirm, the Automation and VST effects that I developed in the original project (LE4) can not transfer to the new LE version (LE8), but will if I go to pro?

That brings up another question. Will I have an issue having both LE4 and LE8 on the same computer? Can they be open at the same time?

As for the paths not matching, I had copied the projects to an achieve directory from an active directory

As for the backup project, I have “save project to New Folder”. I am assuming that is the same thing

But now I am concerned about being able to move the files back to the original directory and having the automations and VST follow.

Looks like my archive strategy is a dismal failure


something else jusat poped into my mind. Is there a way to determine what the original path was?


I don’t know, but I woukd expect, it will be the same in Cubase Pro.

No issue, these are two independent applications.

No, it’s nit the same. The Back up function copies also all Media of the project to the new folder. Which makes you sure, you stored all- but also only- used files.

OK I reloaded LE4 on the new computer.

I went back and used “save to a different folder” and saved my archive file to a USB stick. They were on a different (older. just replaced) computer.
The old files were done on LE4

I can load them into the LE4 on the new computer. Everything works fine VST effects, autpmation, everything. Just as you would expect.

NOTHING works on LE8. Tried several files. Some just send the program into a loop and I have to use task manager to stop it. Some look like they are going to work, only to crash early in the song.

So, what is an accepted procedure for migrating the older work done in LE4 to LE8? I glanced over the operation manual and found nothing. I could import the wave files. but then the effects and automation won’t work. And the won’t be in the right position relative to one another since I had previously chopped out where there was no audio.

this is very frustrating.


I would expect some of the plug-in crashes. Make sure, you have the latest updates of all plug-ins, please.

That was part of it. One plug in is the issue, “Widebug”. doesn’t seem to be an update for it online.
I still have a couple that don’t load.
I am investigating if those use a particular plug in

The songs that don’t load have a common thread. A plugin called “Clone Ensemble”. This is a 32 bit program. which is probably why it ran (and runs) with LE4. Now I have to figure out how to get it to work ina 64 bit environment.