Lead Sheet Chord Diagram No2

I’ve tried to create a sheet for my students guitarist.
Different stave with different rhythm (2/4, 3/4, 4/4) but with the same basic chords.
The first option would be to create 4 bars in 2/4 and then next staff, new time signature 3/4. But it is impossible to hide the cautionary time signature.
So, as Daniel suggested it earlier, I have to use a new flow for each new exercise.
But in that case the option: “Show chord diagrams used at start of flow”, is a layout option not a flow option. So I end up with those diagrams at start of each flow or nothing…
Any idea to solve that problem?
Thank you and good continuation with Dorico.

Does making each new exercise a coda (set flush with the left margin) work in this situation?

Hi Derrek,
That’s great!!! it woks perfectly.
Thank you very much.

You are quite welcome, but credit for the idea really resides with the likes of Dan K and Leo (IIRC); I just thought I recalled the suggestion from past threads and passed it along. Glad it worked.
(Glad my memory still works–sometimes. :slight_smile: )