Lead Sheet/ Delete bass clef


I need to create a Lead Sheet. So one staff in the violin clef. I can´t find any template for it in the “Setup/ Players” section. Please tell me how I find it.

I tried to get around the problem by creating a piano score and just writing in the violin clef. After I wanted to delete the bass clef/ bass clef staff. After 2 hours of searching how to do this I gave up. Any help how to do this would be greatly appreciated!


There’s a lead sheet template you can access from the hub, in the Solo section.

I suppose you can use any one-staff instrument, in the template it’s an alto sax. You can change an existing instrument in setup mode. Expand a player by clicking on the arrow left of the name, hover over the instrument and click on the arrow that appears right of the instrument, now choose Change instrument.

If you want to hide the (empty) left hand staff of a piano group, choose ‘All systems’ in Layout options > Vertical spacing > Hide empty staves, and activate ‘Allow individual staves of multi-staff instruments to be hidden’. You’ll probably want to get rid of the brace via Engraving Options > Brackets and Braces > Braces.

Fantastic! That helped a lot and answered all questions. Thank you very much!