Lead Sheet In Multiple Keys

I’m seeing that I’m going about my task in a way that’s not working, and I’m hoping someone can help to set me straight.

What I want to do is create a lead sheet and be able to print it in any key (for learning tunes in 12 keys, for example). I was thinking that I could create 12 different layouts and apply Transposition Overrides to each layout, allowing me to write out the melody and chord changes once, and then to have layouts for each key. This doesn’t work with guitar/ukulele chords at the beginning, as the chord table at the beginning does not change with the transposition. I see that there are other options available, but maybe I’m missing something.

  • I could transpose the entire score and export to PDF 12 times, but I had hoped that I would have the Layouts there in my file waiting for me each time I open it;
  • I could create 12 different instruments with different transpositions, but I think the guitar/ukulele chords would still reflect concert pitches;
  • I could create custom string instrument tunings for each key, but that’s a lot of work.

What are your suggestions for best practices in creating a lead sheet in all 12 keys from one flow?


I hope you agree with me that your post can be read as a request that the clef and transposition overrides function should also affect the chord diagrams grid.
In the meantime your first option may be the way to go.
Althought i would suggest that you duplicate the flow, 11 times obviously, and then transpose every flow accordingly.
In the layout options choose:
New flows - Always start new page
Use First master page - Any flow starting at top of page
Show flow headings - Never
That way you could keep all your transpositions in a file.

Brilliant! Yes, That gives me exactly what I want. Thank you!