Lead Sheet Layout

Allow me to say again, quoting myself from a couple of days ago:

I don’t think we should have features for hiding clefs or key signatures in order to stop them appearing in the preamble at the start of each system: we should simply have options for this.

As these features don’t yet exist, it makes trying to replicate an established style like this very difficult though.

If they do get implemented, I would also like to request that they can handle situations like the example below. In exercise books and jazz pattern books, there is a style where cautionaries are unnecessary as the pattern or exercise follows a mathematical formula, and the cautionaries only clutter up the page as the intended notes and key sigs are clear without them. I would hope that any hiding mechanism implemented would also be able to hide the cautionary key sigs marked in red below. Using a Coda or a new flow for every single system in handouts or books like this is very slow and tedious. The ability to simply hide the cautionary key sigs would be very welcome here.

That topic has been done to death.

I know, but your very first post in that thread is

Haven’t we presented many different circumstances where we need to hide these items in this thread? Sure, some of these are possible with flows, but if I have an 18 page II-V booklet like the above, where each pattern takes up 4 systems, and I have 50 patterns, that means I need to create 200 separate flows in Dorico?! That is terribly inefficient for something that is one-click Select All / Hide Cautionary Clefs, Key, and Time Signatures in Finale. Obviously you disagree, but we have presented many different real-world circumstances where this ability is needed here. Perhaps you will come up with a more ingenious way of a implementing a solution to these situations other than a simple Hide command, but I do hope some sort of solution is being considered.

In that situation, the method that other users have described of using hidden codas (with indents set to 0) to hide cautionaries could be of use? Especially given that you can select then Alt-click a coda signpost to other positions quickly.

Thanks Lillie! That’s exactly how I usually do it. In fact I use Codas way more often as a workaround to hide items than I actually use them as Codas, LOL. I was just pointing out what the “official” workflow was. As audio export is flow based, I tend to think of flows as more on the macro scale than micro. Anything I might want to export as one wav or mp3, like a single piece in a collection, single movement of a piece, etc, I use flows. For other workarounds I use Codas.