Lead sheet special layout

Hello !

I need to do something quite particular. I have several chord sheet to do and I want to have always 4 bars per system but when the section has say 10 bars, I want them placed by groups of 4, 4 and 2.

My problem is that I want to group of 2 to be alligned with the other bars. So that the system with two bars only make half of the width of the page. On the attached image (which I made on a drawing software) for an example.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

If the final system is the end of the flow, then setting Only justify final system in flow when more than n % full to 100% on the Note Spacing page of Layout Options should mean that the last system of the flow will never be justified to fill the width of the system.

If it’s not the end of the flow, you can still add a system break so that only two bars are on the system, then move the end of the system manually in Engrave mode: