Lead Us To Your Taker (Disable The Corrupt)

Hi Steinbergers,

This is the single from my new album Lead Us To Your Taker (Disable The Corrupt) coming out this year. I used Cubase Pro 10.5 to record and mix this track. Please take a listen if you like :slight_smile:

Thanks, Keep on Rocking \m/



very good everything ,i hope it`s true ,times running out. i just noticed what you did with the title …clever

Thanks for listening Polgara, I am glad you enjoyed it.

Very cool. Great sound, great video, loved the lyrics. Where do you go from here?

@Early21 thank you very much, makes me happy that you enjoyed it. From here…I will be releasing the rest of the album, all made on versions of Cubase Pro, from 8.5 to 10.5. Much appreciate the feedback, rock on…