Leapwing Center One Updated w/WaveLab Fix

For those who have been having a problem with Leapwing Audio Center One in WaveLab, where the first few milliseconds of the rendered file had a glitch, I just got word that the problem has been resolved and a new update of the plugin is available.

From Leapwing:

I am pleased to inform you that this issue has been fixed and an update for CenterOne is available (v2.6). You’ll see an update icon when you open CenterOne, just click it and you’ll be guided to the download page.

Best regards,

Looks interesting, never heard of it. How does it work? Thanks in advance. I just downloaded the trial.

Center One is a really unique plugin that lets you change the level of center vs. sides with some other bonus features that help it do pretty transparent work. Nice for cases when a remix isn’t possible but something isn’t quite right.

Their DynOne multi-band is heavily influenced by the TC system 6000 multi-band comp that was very popular and useful.

StageOne is their newest plugin which to my ears is like Bob Katz’ K-Stereo plugin but more useful.

So far Leapwing is 3 for 3 in making plugins I had no idea I needed or wanted but have ended up purchasing all 3. Really unique stuff and good customer support.