Leapwing CenterOne grows every time it's opened

This one is so weird, it’s almost funny. And of course, the fault may lie with Leapwing. Anyway:

I run at 125%, with HiDPI enabled. This works very well, with one exception: When using Leapwing’s CenterOne as a clip insert, its GUI grows every time it’s opened. The only way to make it go back to normal is to restart WL. And, after the second opening, it’s useless, as bits of the interface gets chopped off.

There seems to be some miscommunication about scaling between the plugin and WL.

Edit: restarting WL does NOT stop the growth, and after about ten rounds, WL crashes. It’s now so big that it can’t be used at all.
Edit2: Using 150% makes no difference.
Edit3: The only way to reset the growth is to open CenterOne in Cubase and size it down there. But once in WL, it starts again.


Edit4: Turning off HiDPI cures the problem.


Feedback from Leapwing: it’s a known issue, and a fix is in the works – but not until February at the earliest.

So, until then I can choose to either have a blurry 125% or a harder to see 100% WL :slight_smile: