learn how to use 1176 compressor(worth the tut cost)

WTF ?? :laughing:

wat :laughing:

holy smoke loool

:open_mouth: :laughing:

proof that decimals do matter.

do they throw in the 1176 compressor?

I bought 2

oooooh! :open_mouth: faint BONK!

for this price its worth it, but in the other hand you could buy the 7.5 upgrade instead the second video.

oooooh! > :open_mouth: > faint BONK!

maybe they are waiting for the drunk musician/technician victim to order it, "hoo man i have to learn this 1176 thingie … opppss 1000000 gone

well if that’s Uganda shilling then it’s £245.12 :laughing: :laughing: