Any possibility to link color and channel-icon to specified vst instruments, or channel names?
Would be great when opening eg. groove agent, it opens the groove agent icon. Or when typing Bassdrum, u would get the BD icon.

i have posted this feature in feature & suggestion sub forum.
but it looks like if it was 2 years ago :wink: so many requests in that sub forum it was buried over there. RIP my post :arrow_right:

LOVING IT even more… Hope to get some minors things tuned up and I’m in heaven…

I’ve been configuring my C7 mixer to look and behave as closely to the old mixer as possible, but I’ll definitely reconsider some things thank to the info here. Thanks man!

Thanks for the Video, Great Job !

I have question that I posted some time ago with no luck … I have a 4 monitor setup and I like to keep the Main C7 Windows on my first display and my groupe mixer on my second display on my 3 and 4th I keep input and ouput, my problem is after I setup all my mixers the way I like it there’s no way to LOCK them, as soon as I add a new track of anny king audio,midi, vst they just mess up my mixers setup . for exemple I have the groupe mixer where I choose to see only groupe and the main stereo output but when I add a new track to my project It also go in my groupe mixer so I have to go back in the setup windows layout and uncheck the track that was just added, I know it’s no Biggy but it’s just a pain.

I have to disagree, I absolutely love the new console, now that I’m used to it I can’t imagine going back to the old one. As far as “looking professional” that’s a matter of opinion, that’s completely relative to the person. I think it looks phenomenal, and certainly inspires me more. Than again that’s just my opinion.

On your separate mixers, go to channel type and UNCHECK the type of channels you do not want to see in that particular mixer. That should solve your problem except I’m not sure about mixer 1. There are known problems with mixer 1 so I’m using only mixer 2 and 3. (3 screens on my set up.)

Also, look at this thread I started which Steinberg has not responded to.
This is similar to your issue, but has to do with placing the new added channels in the proper group folder instead of automatically defaulting to the left zone.

Wait a sec…now I’m going to contradict myself. For some reason when I close Cubase and re-open it the channel types turn back on…all of them!

Do I have something not set correctly or is this a bug?

This is happening in mixer 3 if that matters.

Did you save the project before closing Cubase? These settings are saved in the project, so if you don’t save…

Yes I saved, but it was my mistake. I misread my project names and didn’t see the light gray scroll bar in the Cubase Hub…or whatever they call that. I have never been very comfortable with the different methods you can open default projects in Cubase.

hey man, great videos. nice production quality. I have a quick question. is there a way to save a mixer panel set up where you have “dragged” one pane to get more real estate? example. i set up my window layout by unchecking everything except for the meter bridge. i then go into the mixer window and drag the meter bridge “divider” down. the screen is now 2/3rd meter bridge and 1/3rd faders. (it would be nice if i could just kill the faders but i cant find that anywhere either)… now if i try to save this as a “current configuration” it doesnt retain the pane sizing. if i go into another configuration the sizing stays the same. its just stuck there globally.

i just wanted to have one configuration where i see nothing but my meters. didnt know if i was missing something or it just isnt possible. hope that makes sense. and thanks so much for any help you can send me.


Hi, excellent videos ! Is it possible to view EQ “knob mode” in mixer ? I think no, but why ??? All other modules have knobs … :question:

Up to 7.06 I have been able to add group channels via track preset, but apparently this is no longer possible…is there something I am missing?

Giro, thanx for the post and links… Very informative videos… And your track pictures look fabulous.
As many previous posters said - sure its a great inspiration to work with such a layout.

Keep up with the good work . And looking forward to those if you’d be kind enough to share :slight_smile: wink wink


Great videos! Do you know if there’s an easy way to get to the HP/LP filters from Mackie Control? I use an SSL Nucleus.



Thanks for the link, I’ll definitely be watching these a.s.a.p., thank you :slight_smile:

Dude I have been battling with the look of the mixer and wave forms in Cubase. Oddly in Nuendo it was easy to do. All I can get now are color schemes that look like Mattel Electronics did them. Can you take screen shots of the color pallets and choices you made and share with the rest of us. I just wants something classy…nothing Neon. Your screen shot of the mixer is perfect!


Just a quick question. The screen shot has the RMS/PEAK meter but I can’t seem to find if I have one. I’m using 7.5.4 Artsist. I thought it might just not be available to me. Any ideas?
Great videos by the way. I haven’t watched all of them yet but I’m going to.



Very interesting videos!
I knew something about (I always use manual) but there are a lot of features I still hadn’t discovered…

I’ve a question about control room setting: I alwas use cr but I didn’t figure out how to set different volumes for each couple of monitor (my cr appearence is slightly different from the video one…)

Thanks for help…