Learning cubase 11 pro

I need an online course to learn the basics.I am a jazz musician I don’t use loops or beats

Hi and welcome

Before spending any money, check out the videos displayed in the Hub, or in the Steinberg Cubase youtube channel.

First thing you need is to get acquainted with the terminology and the main project window layout. After that you’ll have a better idea on how to proceed, and what questions to ask.

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Do you intend to use it for mostly Audio, MIDI or a mix of both? Depending on what you want to achieve using Cubase, folks might recommend different things.

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100% facts. I came over to Cubase from Sonar after the Gibson fiasco, and the terminology was my biggest stumbling block. If this is your first DAW you’re a little better off, since you’ll be learning everything fresh.
In addition to all the good stuff on the Cubase YT channel, Dom Sigalis’ and Chris Selim’s (Mixdown Online) YT channels have a lot of good content.