Learning Engrave Mode

Hi Folks!

What resources do you feel are best to learn how to properly use engrave mode? Can you point me towards the best resources? I do particularly well with guided video tutorials but I’m open-minded. I found the YouTube one which is good, but I also know the ones I’ve found are from 2017 so really dated.

Thanks for any suggestions!

I would think how best to use Engrave mode would depend what one wanted to accomplish in a given situation.

Well of course, but I mean, I’d like to learn the functions of it and understand it’s workflow etc.

At a glance, I get it, I think. Right? But write mode, which I also get, was a lot cooler once I saw how the Dorico team actually demonstrated it—lots of power user stuff, design philosophy (which helps me anticipate how something works)…etc.

You dig?

There isn’t really “one” video about Engrave mode, because there are quite a few overlapping but distinct things that it allows you to do: graphically editing and moving items is one thing, fiddling about with frames and frame filters is another, and setting up and using page templates is another thing too.

That said, for the length of the video, I quite like this one about making a thematic index: it demonstrates the fun of frames and the power of keeping all your music in one project, but controlling where it appears according to your needs. (And although the look and some of the arrangement of buttons etc in the app have changed since this was made, the underlying principles are the same, so these older videos are still useful.)