Learning from the dance music crowd! :-D

So while I’m mostly into Rock and Metal, there is something which fascinates me about dance music - it’s the sideband compression because of the kick drum.

Intensity and dynamics, this is what one gets from it - things I really like.

What do you guys think? Is this something us Rock and Metal people can use as well? Maybe pump the powerchords and strings from the kick? :smiley:

You mean side chain compression right!?!?!? :stuck_out_tongue:

Elementally, the construction of electronic vs rock/metal is very different. I have used step filters and choppers on guitars to create that electronic music pulse before. I suppose you could blend genres bringing in electronica processing techniques, but I think the overall song structure/architecture should be similar. I mean components. Hmm…

Like you say, pump the power cords with the kick. Sweep filters on the overheads. Distortion on the bass. You would probably want to trigger that off a kick sample for predictability of power cord pump with heavily compressed guitars for stability. If the drummer played double bass, it could be a mess though!

meh… just talking out loud. Sounds like fun!

Yes, “sidechain compression”… I’m a bit tired already today because I got up much too early, but I’m still in my home studio.

I like the “sweeping filters on the overheads” idea of yours, I’ll try this, too. :slight_smile:

I know what you meant. :slight_smile: I was just razzing you: -> :stuck_out_tongue: <-

Do you do much bit crushing? I think you may have some fun with that too, especially on a kick. Feed it into a shortish verb and severely carve it up with an eq (notches,combs).

Are you into daft punk? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYJBcr1LDg4
I really like this soundtrack. Bit crushing galore. Did I mention I love using bit crushing? Anyway, try listening to some of the soundtrack, imagining it was metal or hard rock.

Yesyes, dance music, very hightech and at the forefront of music and technology:p

Edit: why am i not logged out yet? Whaaa:p

Sidechain compression is used in a lot of genres not just EDM. You can adjust the threshold and ratio of the compressor to taste. I sidechain but you never hear the pumping effect. It doesn’t always have to be 4 on the floor, pumping effect. LFO can also give you that pumping effect without losing sound quality, too much compression equals a cheap sound. Effects are needed to add some ambience and improve the sound quality.

Side chaining/ducking dates back to the 70’s or 80’s commonly used in radio, pop music. Celine Dion’s power of love. Adele’s cold shoulder have the sidechain effect but you don’t hear it.

In Rock music you can sidechain the guitar and bass to stay out of the vocals way for example. Sidechain is part of modern production, like automation. It’s just how you use it.