Leave Justin Bieber alone!

Just sayin’ …I mean he was pretty much a little boy at the time…I think the Bieb deserves a break :unamused:

No he doesn’t.
I think he already had one :wink:

Agree with brihar but I think there is a much bigger problem!!..regarding who can and can not use certain words…

I don’t even want to know what’s going on this time.
What a dramaqueen.

Got that right!!!

Aloha guys,

All artist should be able to say/dance/sculpt/draw/sing etc etc
whatever the f*ck they want (at least in The United States of America) as part of their art.
Stupid or not.

But as a private citizen maybe not everything.
Yelling ‘fire’ in a crowded theater comes to mind.
Or cheering for the Yankees while in Boston.

Does he have a new CD coming out? Because as the saying goes; ‘Any ink is good ink’.

probably .they all seem to be doing it to get publicity ,Charlize Theron did it last week on the bbc news using the words she felt raped to describe how she felt with the press taking pictures of her son ,lots of people came out stamping their feet saying she should not have said that cause it undermines the word rape .dont they realize celebrities would sell their grandmas. yeh she has a new film coming out.

There is indeed, it’s political correctness gone mad these days. When you hear certain people say certain words it’s ok for them, but not others? I recall one certain celebrity jumping on the lynch mob band wagon, when another celebrity said certain words…when that celebrity has used those exact certain words himself many, many, times in the course of his public career.

Free speech.
You gotta luv it.
What’s the alternative?
Expensive speech?


This thread is like a cultural time machine to 1989.

Yeah, and what a charming young man he’s turned out to be.


I was older-than-dirt even back then! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Ha Ha ,i know this is off topic, but you know how people clap/applaud the pilot when you land safely in an airplane, what happens if the plane crashes do you boo! the pilot.
also i heard on the radio today ,don`t know if he was joking ,if when you go out to a club or whatever on the pull, looking for a girl and if you are feeling hungry while doing this you will tend to go for a plumper one .i must have been starving .

The Bieb does apparently have charm, just look at all the famous women that have been around him & look at his girlfriend :stuck_out_tongue: At the moment, it’s just his charm is currently being over shadowed by his passed immaturity caught on tape, and of course the last few years, his identity crises of being a child pop star, transitioning into an adult. A life that anyone would have difficulty with.

His music may be crap, with a demographic of 13 year old girls & boys with an alternative life style, but as said there’s a much bigger problem going on here, and that is what should be of concern to everyone. The media lynch mob making a mountain from a mole hill which is far more disgusting!

From the above point alone, I support the Bieb!

can’t that bieb thing just go away? call the mothership or something?

‘Oh Canada’!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The Bieb is like a bad rash, you can’t get rid of it without the proper ointment… or The kardashian’s, no matter what you do, the nasty dark stains won’t come out!

This right should exist for all. Not just reserved for artists.
Just saying…

I agree, free speech for every boy or girl, in any country, not just the USA…but as for anything, it’s to a point, some things just aren’t nice.

But what really floors me, is when people like one of the Wayan brothers (which I’m a fan of) say’s a ‘certain word’ in every movie he’s in, yet I’ve heard him speak out in protest of others saying it … WTF :question:


You believe an “artist” is superior enough to deserve freedom of speech privileges over a “private citizen” ???

It’s a messed up world I’m tellin’ ya!