Leave off-line plugin window open AND continue DAW control

Leave off-line plugin window open (do NOT auto-close after processing)


continue to have control over timeline/selection

This request goes back over two and a half years.

Example case study:

I like to denoise offline in many situations simply because my source clips are too numerous to simply setup one denoiser per track. And i’d rather not automate it. Here’s what I currently have to do in Nuendo:


  1. I select a region to capture noise.
  2. I instantiate iZotope RX denoiser, select “learn”, hit play.
  3. Save as preset.
  4. Close plugin
  5. Select the region to be denoised.
  6. Open iZotope RX again
  7. Load the preset.
  8. Apply the process and window closes.

If I now want to do it again to a new region with a different noise profile I have to repeat ALL 8 steps!!!

In Pro Tools here’s what would happen:

  1. Open iZotope RX (audiosuite).
  2. Select area that has noise profile.
  3. Select “learn”, hit play.
  4. Select the region to be denoised and hit denoise.

Done. And since the window remains open I can move on to the next region without going back to step one. So instead of 8 steps I’m down to 3.

Yeah!!! What he said !!!


First off, BUMP

And to second this request, here is another case-in-point that would illustrate the usefulness of this workflow.
(Next to that PT owners have had this for years…like track versions, this should be one of those things that you just copy without needing to change the functionality SB :slight_smile:

For certain things (time stretching, pitch shifting, normalising, some offline plugs) I tend to use the audio offline processing mode.

One of my longstanding pet peeves with offline processing is that as soon as the dialog appears, you’re locked out of everything else.
Moving locators (that some processes like time stretch use to determine length), selecting different files, changing selection length etc. can’t be done without quitting your process, making or tweaking your selection and then using the process again.

This gets boring real quick; and even though assigning key commands to often used processes speeds things up, it’s still a pain in the hits.

So, suggestion is:
Make offline processing work like Audiosuite in PT; a floating window that processes whatever is selected, and allows you to keep working like normal (much like the Audio Quantize window).
The dialog could have preferences or radio buttons for deciding what happens to processed audio (replace, new file etc)

loved how it changed t its to hits…makes no sense…

BUMP !!!
I re-recording mixer at France televisions. Today, all the sound editors (dialog and FX) I work with use izotope over 50 % of the time. not to mention Altiverb, denoise… Nuendo is for post ? Right ? offline processing has become essential for post-production, and changed the way of mixing.i use spectral repair every days ! (for deessing, boom noise, click…) this is the only really important feature missing in Nuendo for pro tools sound editors. (with Cantar conformation and stereo/mono tracks management)
Are you, at least, working on it ?




A big +1!

Here is another scenario where “fixing” this would actually provide yet another benefit elsewhere in the Nuendo app. It would create a possible workaround which would make it possible to do an faster-than-realtime offline loudness measurement of any source not routed to the main mix, which is desirable in some situations:

  1. Nuendo currently (as far as I understand it) actually renders a temporary mix and then analyses that mix/file to get loudness data. So step #1 is rendering a mix offline. We can do that ourselves.

  2. Mix is imported to appropriate track.

  3. Use loudness measuring plugin of choice - click process:

  • here is where the current window management just destroys this workaround (as well as other workflows) in that it a) doesn’t allow me to choose options in my plugin (iZotope Insight) because my plugin uses a floating window, and Steinberg programmed the plugins to not allow any control outside of the main plugin window when used offline, and b) it automatically closes the plugin window after processing.

  • what should happen is that a) control is retained of the DAW in general when opening the plugin offline, which would allow us to pick whatever presets we need, and b) after “applying” the plugin and it is done with its measurement the plugin window would remain open.

So, a three-step process which is clearly more than a one-step process, but at least we’d have a workaround to offline loudness measurement of sources other than the “main mix” output.

The feature request for assignable loudness measurement source is here.


generally old functions with outdated workflow that continue to newer versions,should be modernized in many areas of Cubendo and enhance their workflow. it’s one of the weaknesses with cubendo.
like the old and slow editing tools. i watch SudioOne3 on youtube and i’m envy of their fast workflow capability in every area of that daw :blush:

Another bump for this, also as it seems offline processing on the Mac is somehwat broken…I seem unable to click on any pop down/preset plug-in menus for quite a few plug-ins, making offline process pretty useless.
Please make this work SB!!!

I can not comment on this using OS 10.11, but on Windows only the Steinberg and the newer VST 3 ones showing on my system when pulling down the offline plugin process menu.
Older, VST 2 plugins are available in the channel insert list.

Here on 10.11 they’re all showing up just fine.